CASEY ANTHONY – What Really Happened To Caylee? — And Why Truth Matters

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This book is a fascinating account of mystery and intrigue as viewed though a scientific lens by a team of true professionals. Dr. Whitfield explores child abuse and its many components, while sharply focusing on the child within as well as a unique approach for recovery. 

His acknowledgement that …Many traumas go unrecognized by the victim, perpetrator and observer as being traumatic, is an area that has been ignored for too long.

Barbara Whitfield’s contribution is an invaluable asset to this work. Author, Wendy Murphy, does a marvelous job of taking complex information and presenting it in an easy-to-understand and interesting manner.

Clancy D. McKenzie, M.D.
Author, Babies Need Mothers

Amazon Says:
This is a must-read for anyone who believes in justice for children. The authors go below the surface to explore what really happened to Caylee. With a century of combined experience in child advocacy law, psychiatry, psychology, grief counseling and natural spirituality, the authors give us a compelling analysis of a trial that captured a nation. Filled with facts that were never discussed at trial, this new book raises important questions about evidence the jurors never heard, and that has been hidden from the public. In the final chapters, we learn about child abuse and neglect, and how we can better protect all children from harm. The book includes sections on grief counseling and near-death studies and offers insights about what we can do right now to find meaning in the death of Caylee Anthony..

We dedicate this book to all children who have been and are being abused and neglected in this country and the world. This includes the five children who die from abuse and neglect daily in this country.

We dedicate this book to trauma survivors of all ages who can identify with any of the people involved in this tragic story.

We dedicate this book to all attorneys, advocates and clinicians who work to assist these trauma survivors.

Most of all, we dedicate this book to you, the reader, in the hope that you believe, as we do, that truth matters.

By: Wendy Murphy JD with  Charles L. Whitfield MD and Barbara H. Whitfield RT

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