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What Is Pharmacomania

Pharmacomania as defined by Webster's dictionary: An uncontrollable desire to administer drugs. A morbid impulse to take drugs. A craze for using or trying drugs. A chronic fascination with medicines. A mania for medicines. Pharmacomania causes Psychopharmacomania

What Is Psychopharmacomania ™

Psychopharmacomania is a mental or emotional disorder caused by the ingestion of too much end-product of the psychopharmacological digestive tract. It results in varying degrees of intractable depression, permanent psychosis, and brain damage depending on which drug rep reaches your doctor first.

More About Psychopharmacomania ™

Drug reps frequent doctors’ offices, take them out to dinner, give them enticements to interest them in their products. They target non-psychiatrists, in hopes that every primary care physician will know exactly what to prescribe for their patients. They educate them with psychopharmacological babble.